The intent of Contemplative Outreach is to foster the process of transformation in Christ in one another through the practice of the Centering Prayer.

Contemplative Outreach (www.contemplativeoutreach.org) serves a spiritual network of individuals and small faith communities committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel. The common desire for Divine transformation, primarily expressed through a commitment to a daily Centering Prayer practice, unites our international, interdenominational network.

The purpose of this site is to offer support and  information about the activities of Contemplative Outreach in Northeast Ohio.

Our chapter is formed by groups that belongs to different christian denominations that meet regularly to practice Centering Prayer in community. They have the opportunity for enrichment during this meetings and be able to progress in their spiritual journey.

During each calendar year, we offer activities  that allow the introduction to the practice of Centering Prayer to new people and opportunities for enrichment such as workshops, retreats, introduction of practices that reinforce the use and effect of Centering Prayer such as the Welcoming Prayer, Lectio Divina , the Forgiveness Practice, the use of the Active Prayer, and the Discernment Practice.

Thank you,

Josefina Fernandez