Ivi Latronica samples @Ivi3Tron May-June 2015

Samples @Ivi3Tron May-June 2015
Ivi Latronica ‏@Ivi3Tron May 17 Brunswick, OH
R basic core of goodness is R true Self. Its center of activity is God. Acceptance of R goodness is a quantum leap in the spiritual journey.

Ivi Latronica ‏@Ivi3Tron May 27 Brunswick, OH
Only God can bring our false self to an end. The false self is an illusion. It is our way of conceiving who we are & what the world is.

Ivi Latronica ‏@Ivi3Tron May 27
Don’t judge Centering Prayer on how many thoughts come or how much peace you enjoy. Only way to judge CP is by its long-range fruits.

Ivi Latronica ‏@Ivi3Tron Jun 9 Brunswick, OH
As interior & exterior become one, daily life is a continual & increasing revelation of God. (Is that incredible or what?!?!)

Ivi Latronica ‏@Ivi3Tron Jun 12 Brunswick, OH
Service neutralizes deep-rooted tendency 2 become preoccupied w/R spiritual journey & how we R doing. Service begins w/those w/whom we live.

Ivi Latronica ‏@Ivi3Tron Jun 19 Brunswick, OH
Spiritual consolation is so marvelous, human nature reaches out 4 it. So long as U R moved by such desires, U R still trying 2 control God.

Ivi Latronica ‏@Ivi3Tron Jun 24 Brunswick, OH
The contemplative state enables one to rest & act at the same time because one is ROOTED in the SOURCE of both rest & action.