The Pulsing Heartbeat of God _ A Poem

We are all one.
There is no us and them.
From One came the entire human race.
The heartbeat of God pulses in us all
    -pulses beyond and through all the generations of humanity simultaneously.
    -pulses across all the boundaries constructed by human minds.
    -pulses us into a unified beat with each other
        and with the rhythm of God’s heart.
God is
   -simply is
   -profoundly is
God is
   -intrinsically everywhere.
   -sustaining everything.
   -present – hiding in plain view
And every once in a while we are privileged to catch a glimpse of wonder or
Hear the quiet roar of God’s immense love pulsing through us.
                                     By: Sr. Mary Teresita Richards, SND
                                       23rd. Annual Worldwide Day of Prayer.
                                       CONEO: United In Prayer – United In Silence
                                       Hudson, Ohio. March 21, 2015

The Pulsing Heartbeat of God