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Contemplative Outreach Northeast Ohio

Q: What is a Visioning Day?  Why should I attend and what does servant leadership discernment mean?

A:  The following may be helpful for you  ….

Q:  What will we do at a Visioning Day?

A:  We will gather together to explore future options available to our Chapter, meeting in large and small groups.  We will have two Centering Prayer periods, and visit with one another over lunch!

Q:  Why should I attend?

A:  Our contemplative community is important..  Those who practice Centering Prayer know the value of being committed to a group that supports one another in practice and presence.  Understanding more about the Chapter in function and structure is valuable to the individual in the context of the community.  In the broader spectrum, in our relationship to Contemplative Outreach and the value of the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating.  A Visioning Day gives a person the “big picture” and invites everyone to give input regarding the future direction of the Chapter.

We want to keep the door open to those who are being called to contemplative prayer and embrace a contemplative life.

Q:  What is Servant Leadership?

A:  One of the ways we put contemplation into action is through service to others in the Centering Prayer community.  The desire for service arises naturally out of one’s contemplative practice.  Servant Leadership allows people to embrace loving service to others and openness to the will of God.

Q:  What will be discerned?

A:  Our wonderful Coordinator is stepping down from that role in the near future.  We will ask participants to gather in a circle, share a period of Centering Prayer, and allow the Spirit to raise up a person who may be willing to follow in the footsteps of our current Coordinator.

There are other opportunities in the chapter for service such as enrichment, hospitality, communication, events, retreats, etc.  No pressure is put on anyone to serve in any way.  You may not be called to serve at this time, but your support and presence are greatly needed.  As the Centering Prayer groups support individual prayer practice, so does group discernment support the callings of individuals.

Susan Komis from Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. will facilitate the day for us and assist our understanding of ways/means that will strengthen our contemplative community.  We encourage you to plan to stay for the entire day.

CONEO Visioning Day
Saturday, July 23, 2016
9:00 am – 3:30 pmSt. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
9549 Highland Dr, Brecksville, OH 44141

Our Visioning Day will include:
Coffee and refreshments
Two periods of Centering Prayer
Large group and small group process

Free Will Offering

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